Monday, March 8, 2010


                                             From H&M fashionstudio

Still haven't bought any clothes.. Today I put together this combination.
I really miss Stockholm. When I was there I had a map of all the good second hand shops! It was like heaven! I didn't buy much - but it was so much fun!

                    Herr Judits.

This little shop is soo charming! 

       It opens at 11 sharp! Even if you're a girl, you will love it! (For males)

                                And then we have Judits!! 

 Indside Judits - Shoeheaven!

                              Hornsgatan 75
                              118 49 Stockholm

They offer selected women clothes and accessories from the 50’s to the 70’s as well as modern trends. I like the old stuff, while others might like to mix. I'ts worth just looking at the clothes as well. Its like a tour in a museum. I really like the fact that buying second hand is good for the world! We dont have to buy everything brand new!  

     Plus its unique!

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