Monday, December 21, 2009

White, beautiful and god damn COLD snow!!!

We are back after a few days of “total isolation” and a nice skiing trip in the woods! From Stavanger to Oslo and from Oslo to the north of Sweden, by car. One word: COLD!

Small red houses with white listed windows. Yep we are driving trough the small villages of the North.
Small Christmas candles and cute, little lit stars, in ALL the windows. The small wooden houses all look the same, only the shape is different. We drive trough the area called Dalarna in the middle of the night. The heavy snow sleeps quietly on the branches of the massive trees.

Oslo was nothing more than cold! Negative 10 and cold wind that burns trough your skin like a glowing knife. My shoes; converse all stars. Clever choice? NO WAY! From now on Ill think WARM instead of NICE. (Remind me, I seem to easily forget…)

So negative 15 here in a little town called Härnösand. This is the place I’m going to celebrate Christmas this year. Let’s find out about the Swedish traditions. This is going to be fun!

First thing in the morning I’m being laughed at about the way I eat my porridge… For your information. These weird people, (called the Swedish) put cold milk on their porridge…

Yeah well, back to the making of a ginger cookie town…

See you later!!

Norwegian porridge mmmums

                                                         Weird Swedish porridge


Hamid Nabil said...

Jeg tror snow kan være farlig. Så jeg håper du passer på deg!

En gammel afghanke ordtak: Every thing is good in his season!
هر چیز در وقت و زمان خودش خوبش است!

Sissil Egge said...

Hei, hei! :)

He,he det gikk bra! :) Bare man e forsiktig, så skal det nok gå bra!