Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the Jewish law, Sunday is the first day of the Hebrew calendar, in most Christian traditions it is considered the "Christian Sabbath", which is a change from seventh-day Sabbath or Jewish Shabbat. For many Christians it began to take the place of Shabbat as the day set apart for the public and solemn worship of God. Sunday is considered a non-working day in many countries of the world, and is part of 'the weekend.

For me; Sunday the last day of the week, and the day of doing whatever I want! :D I loooove Sundays:D

RjD2 plays in the background, (a group I btw only heard about yesterday) at 09.34 on a Sunday morning. I do understand the people who like to sleep, but I must say how much more I just treasure the silent mornings by my self. No sounds, but your own. No cars in the background, no people, only the feeling of silence, everyone asleep.
Sunday, the day of nothing… (Besides this Sunday of revising for tomorrows chemistry exam…Arh)

Sometimes we yell about the fact that so many shops are closed on Sundays. When I think about it, it would be nice to have ANOTHER shopping day in the weekend, but hey, when would you be “forced” to sit down and put your feet up. I mean on a day you know you share with the rest of the country!

Sundays are great to do the things you love! And I love Sundays! No worry on a Sunday, besides thinking of what you did on the party last night and that your going to work the next day though… God, when will we ever get rid of the worries??

Anyways… I love Sundays, Sundays are great! Take your time and do anything you like:D Treasure the Sundays (if you’re not a doctor…)

Happy St. Lucia;) Don’t forget to make Lucia rolls (Lussekatter) this Sunday!

                                                         Lussekatter Mmmmmmums!

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