Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shakti - like a cup of coffie

I Just HAD to dedicate today's post to my dear shakti mat. After 15 minutes I always get this warm sensation and the great awakening feeling. I was so tired this morning, but after 15 min on my mat I felt like a new person! (I’m allowed to over exaggerate a little right?)

I just sat here and then I thought; It’s so strange that other cultures come up with some many great things, that we just don’t take seriously.

This nail mat (picture) originally comes from India, and now a few thousands of years later; we find it in every store in Scandinavia. We suddenly think it’s amazing. Why now?

We (in the western world) often tend to think of ourselves as the clever revolutionaries. We've got the oil, the technology, and the key to it all, but in our busy world (or bubble), we seem to forget about other important functions to human beings. We need to develop in other ways than learning math’s and physics. We need to develop our soul, mind and our heart.

We face problems like depression, heart decease and stress in the western world everyday. Why didn’t we just start using the Indian "nail mat" right away? We didn’t have it? I don’t know… Maybe other cultures don’t treasure every single opportunity to make a dime... Mabye other more important things to life are cherished…
What else do the other "old fashion", "slow" cultures (like we are any better) have? What else are we missing out on, in our big and inconsiderate race of technology? Lets open our eyes and look around us.


Anonymous said...

Hei frøken -misfornøyd, men samtidig veldig fornøyd-

Why now?



-skolekamerat fra den eksklusive skolen. (som btw var korrupt)

Sissil said...

Hallo, hallo!

Haha, ja kanskje det.. Mange svar og mange spørsmål!

Tankene surre bare rundt og rundt i mitt lille hode..

hmm? Rebekah?

Anonymous said...

hehe. Rebekah va ikkje en del av skolen.

Men du blei tatt til fange av en badering.