Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is sneaking upon us...

Christmas is near and I want to start my day with an ecological egg, and to share some thoughts about Christmas presents.

I really HATE Christmas-presents. Well, I don't really hate 'the' presents, I just hate the hassle around it.
I hate people who writes "finished all my Christmas presents in one day" on facebook. I don't like that people just "buy to buy". I was actually thinking of forgetting all about Christmas presents this year... but I just cant do that to the people I care about. We have developed this weird trend of buying our friends nonsense to make it seem like we care. They smile and say "thank you sooooooo much!, thats the best present ever"

Instead of this sick habit, I bought the Christmas-box (20 fairtrade things in a really nice box) from Nepal! I'm looking forward to give people presents with a meaning this year!

Tips for Christmas:
  • Make your own handmade cards
  • Make handmade jewelry, its personal, nice and unique 
  • Put stickers and tinsel on the wrapping
  • Write a letter instead of a normal "to-from" sticker
  • Use nice paper and a different envelope to make the letter special
  • Spend time on each persons present!
Gather lots of people, its so much fun!

Oh, I almost forgot... Grandparents often have everything, so give Christmas-cakes! Homemade is always the best, but they might be too old to make it themselves...

Marry Christmas!

Old Norwegian postcard from the war


Anonymous said...

Jag kan inte annat än att hålla med. Tyvärr tillhör jag nog de personerna som inte lägger särskilt mycket vikt på presenterna.

Du borde byta färgen på texten. Det är nämligen lite jobbigt att läsa :P


Sissil said...

Å? :p ta noen tips;)

Å ja det skal jeg gjøre:D