Monday, December 21, 2009

White, beautiful and god damn COLD snow!!!

We are back after a few days of “total isolation” and a nice skiing trip in the woods! From Stavanger to Oslo and from Oslo to the north of Sweden, by car. One word: COLD!

Small red houses with white listed windows. Yep we are driving trough the small villages of the North.
Small Christmas candles and cute, little lit stars, in ALL the windows. The small wooden houses all look the same, only the shape is different. We drive trough the area called Dalarna in the middle of the night. The heavy snow sleeps quietly on the branches of the massive trees.

Oslo was nothing more than cold! Negative 10 and cold wind that burns trough your skin like a glowing knife. My shoes; converse all stars. Clever choice? NO WAY! From now on Ill think WARM instead of NICE. (Remind me, I seem to easily forget…)

So negative 15 here in a little town called Härnösand. This is the place I’m going to celebrate Christmas this year. Let’s find out about the Swedish traditions. This is going to be fun!

First thing in the morning I’m being laughed at about the way I eat my porridge… For your information. These weird people, (called the Swedish) put cold milk on their porridge…

Yeah well, back to the making of a ginger cookie town…

See you later!!

Norwegian porridge mmmums

                                                         Weird Swedish porridge

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blue Monday

So Monday finally got here... Yeah, that’s the day after the lovely Sunday! Beginning of the week AGAIN.

In Norway we say "blue Monday", (blåmandag.) because mondays are terrible, and hard to get through.

My Monday: Examination day!

I’m so nervous. I hate exams. A few moments of pride or shame, all your work is depending on those few minutes, or hours... It’s just stupid. It doesn’t really show what you’re good for! (Especially not the oral exams.) It’s like gambling! If you get a subject you’re good at, you win. A person can even win "the price", only knowing one chapter in the book! It’s such a strange system...  Puh, writing really helps calming down a person... Keep looking at my watch. Is it time? No, not yet...
Wish me luck...  

Lets look at some old pictures from Tanzania...

Good times

Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the Jewish law, Sunday is the first day of the Hebrew calendar, in most Christian traditions it is considered the "Christian Sabbath", which is a change from seventh-day Sabbath or Jewish Shabbat. For many Christians it began to take the place of Shabbat as the day set apart for the public and solemn worship of God. Sunday is considered a non-working day in many countries of the world, and is part of 'the weekend.

For me; Sunday the last day of the week, and the day of doing whatever I want! :D I loooove Sundays:D

RjD2 plays in the background, (a group I btw only heard about yesterday) at 09.34 on a Sunday morning. I do understand the people who like to sleep, but I must say how much more I just treasure the silent mornings by my self. No sounds, but your own. No cars in the background, no people, only the feeling of silence, everyone asleep.
Sunday, the day of nothing… (Besides this Sunday of revising for tomorrows chemistry exam…Arh)

Sometimes we yell about the fact that so many shops are closed on Sundays. When I think about it, it would be nice to have ANOTHER shopping day in the weekend, but hey, when would you be “forced” to sit down and put your feet up. I mean on a day you know you share with the rest of the country!

Sundays are great to do the things you love! And I love Sundays! No worry on a Sunday, besides thinking of what you did on the party last night and that your going to work the next day though… God, when will we ever get rid of the worries??

Anyways… I love Sundays, Sundays are great! Take your time and do anything you like:D Treasure the Sundays (if you’re not a doctor…)

Happy St. Lucia;) Don’t forget to make Lucia rolls (Lussekatter) this Sunday!

                                                         Lussekatter Mmmmmmums!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just one more!

One Christmas cookie, two... Mmm Cookies really are delicious! 
I think I have to stop it now, wait! Just one more!! Ah I can’t stop! 

OK, so you get the picture, I made delicious Christmas cookies yesterday, yep that's right. I love the traditions of Christmas. We can’t stop eating, we drop down to the floor, so full that our dresses and trousers doesn’t fit us anymore... And then we start the New Year, with NEW new year-resolutions of eating less and work out more! YEAH! Here comes the recipe:

Norwegian Serinakaker (serinacookies…?)
500 g flour
300 g margarine
250 g sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
½ tsp Salt of Hartshorn (hornsalt)
2 eggs
pearl sugar

Toss all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Crumble the margarine into the dry, and stir in one egg. Knead everything on the table and form dough. Make tiny balls and squeeze them a little flat with a fork. Dip them in egg white and sprinkle with pearl sugar and almonds. 

Into the stove with the poor cookies, 180 C until light yellow/brownish and crispy! (10 min) (Or a little longer, if you like burned things like me;) 

Many Norwegians say these cookies are boring... They just forgot the taste! Mmmums, they really are delicious!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shakti - like a cup of coffie

I Just HAD to dedicate today's post to my dear shakti mat. After 15 minutes I always get this warm sensation and the great awakening feeling. I was so tired this morning, but after 15 min on my mat I felt like a new person! (I’m allowed to over exaggerate a little right?)

I just sat here and then I thought; It’s so strange that other cultures come up with some many great things, that we just don’t take seriously.

This nail mat (picture) originally comes from India, and now a few thousands of years later; we find it in every store in Scandinavia. We suddenly think it’s amazing. Why now?

We (in the western world) often tend to think of ourselves as the clever revolutionaries. We've got the oil, the technology, and the key to it all, but in our busy world (or bubble), we seem to forget about other important functions to human beings. We need to develop in other ways than learning math’s and physics. We need to develop our soul, mind and our heart.

We face problems like depression, heart decease and stress in the western world everyday. Why didn’t we just start using the Indian "nail mat" right away? We didn’t have it? I don’t know… Maybe other cultures don’t treasure every single opportunity to make a dime... Mabye other more important things to life are cherished…
What else do the other "old fashion", "slow" cultures (like we are any better) have? What else are we missing out on, in our big and inconsiderate race of technology? Lets open our eyes and look around us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is sneaking upon us...

Christmas is near and I want to start my day with an ecological egg, and to share some thoughts about Christmas presents.

I really HATE Christmas-presents. Well, I don't really hate 'the' presents, I just hate the hassle around it.
I hate people who writes "finished all my Christmas presents in one day" on facebook. I don't like that people just "buy to buy". I was actually thinking of forgetting all about Christmas presents this year... but I just cant do that to the people I care about. We have developed this weird trend of buying our friends nonsense to make it seem like we care. They smile and say "thank you sooooooo much!, thats the best present ever"

Instead of this sick habit, I bought the Christmas-box (20 fairtrade things in a really nice box) from Nepal! I'm looking forward to give people presents with a meaning this year!

Tips for Christmas:
  • Make your own handmade cards
  • Make handmade jewelry, its personal, nice and unique 
  • Put stickers and tinsel on the wrapping
  • Write a letter instead of a normal "to-from" sticker
  • Use nice paper and a different envelope to make the letter special
  • Spend time on each persons present!
Gather lots of people, its so much fun!

Oh, I almost forgot... Grandparents often have everything, so give Christmas-cakes! Homemade is always the best, but they might be too old to make it themselves...

Marry Christmas!

Old Norwegian postcard from the war

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BURMA (Myanmar)

I finally got to meet the girl I'm gonna be refugee guide for today!
I was so nervous, but it went very well.
Shes likes pizza and so do I... Well, at least we know that we got that in common now!

I thought I'd find some more information about Burma, so I checked out my "good friend" Wiki;
It is so easy to fall for all the stereotypes that just sneaks in to our minds and contaminate our hearts with greedy thoughts about our country-borders. We forget so easily that we are all humans and that we should help each other, even though our new neighbour has a different colour, language or fashion style for that matter.

Im really happy that I can volunteer for the Red Cross as a refugeeguide. I hope that I can contribute to help refugees with the unjust situations that they so often face in their own country, as well as in Norway.