Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So if I cant travel...

Sissil, just face it... You're studying now and you won't have time OR money to travel that much...
How can I meet new cultures, explore and learn if I cant travel?? I've been panicking for a few months now, but then I figured! If I can't leave the country, I have to find the "countries" here!

So there we go, I signed up to become a refugee guide! IN NORWAY! Perfect! I'm really excited. 
It looks like I'm gonna be "guiding" a girl from Burma, into the weird Norwegian culture. How fun! I'm so curious and I have sooo many questions! (poor girl, hope she'll put up with me...) :p

I don't know that much about the Red Cross, but i'm eager to learn more!
I think its gonna be great! Jei!

Look it up:


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