Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So if I cant travel...

Sissil, just face it... You're studying now and you won't have time OR money to travel that much...
How can I meet new cultures, explore and learn if I cant travel?? I've been panicking for a few months now, but then I figured! If I can't leave the country, I have to find the "countries" here!

So there we go, I signed up to become a refugee guide! IN NORWAY! Perfect! I'm really excited. 
It looks like I'm gonna be "guiding" a girl from Burma, into the weird Norwegian culture. How fun! I'm so curious and I have sooo many questions! (poor girl, hope she'll put up with me...) :p

I don't know that much about the Red Cross, but i'm eager to learn more!
I think its gonna be great! Jei!

Look it up:


Monday, November 23, 2009

Mmm fooood!


Connecting people (part 1/3)

I think this documentary is sooo good! (sorry, in Norwegian..)

(Søk på FBI connecting people nrk om du vil se hele)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So its decided (sort of), I'm going to Asia, finally! And.. I'm gonna write my blog in English from now on...I think..

Asia, Nepal. The plan is to go for a week in August to help out with this project Ive been working on. "The Christmas box". A box of 20 fairtrade x-mas presents from Nepal. So in august we are picking out the stuff to put in the Christmas box 2010! I'm excited. It is a short trip, but hey, its something. I just need to put my two small feet out of the borders of Norway! Jey!

"X-mas-box 2009" <3