Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sånn ser to backpackere på når de kjeder seg... Verdens mest meningsløse film...


xsunnyvalex said...

Hi Sissil,
Nice work in Tanzania, I just saw your blog, I wish I could understand the language also.
xsunnyvalex from hospitalityclub :)

sissil said...


Thank you! Sorry, wish I could express myself the same way in english... Have you been to Africa?


xsunnyvalex said...

Hi Sissil,
I have only been to Egypt if that counts as Africa. But I would like to go to main land Africa one day.

I saw you taught english to kids, good job. :)
I hope we have many people in world like you.

Sissil Egge said...

Hi again!
Cool, heard its great diving there? Oh, you should! Africa is the hidden pearl of the world! Its in mye heart forever!
Btw, teaching kids is just s much fun!=)

xsunnyvalex said...

hi :)
Driving is so crazy in egypt i was only in taxi or bus.
i hope to visit africa one day.
I volunteered to teach kids in usa and it was fun also. :)
by the way do you have msn or yahoo?
you can add me or email at hospitality_club@hotmail.com
take care :)

Sissil Egge said...

Sounds fun! In USA,hmm in what?
You can send me an e-mail on sissil.egge@gmail.com. Sorry I dont have ether yahoo or msn..