Friday, January 9, 2009

Sao Paulo

I meet so many people on my jouney and most of them speak english. This is why Ive decided to write a bit in english. Excuse my english, its a long time since school now;) I will not write as much as I do in Norwegian, but ill try to do some updates! Hope its "readable" :D

We finally arrived Sao Paulo=)

The town is very charming from the few things I've seen so far, from the taxi and our loong journey to the supermarket.

Tomorrow we'll go to Rio by bus. We are planning to meet up with some friends and just relax at the beach. I’m really looking forward to the surf!

The hostel in Sao Paulo is a great place. I’ve met people from all over Brazil and one guy from England. The poor student (now backpacker) food, 'noodles' is consumed and I’m so ready for bed and all the adventures the next months to come!


Kyrre said...

Misunne deg Sissil, but you've earned it! :)

sissil said...

:D håpe alt e bra der hjemme! Du sko så vert her å surfa mann!!:D klemmer!

Tor said...

Hei Sissil
Ser ut som du klarer deg bra enda :-)Her hjemme PØSREGNER det så nyt varmen. Ta vare på deg selv!
Hilsen Tor

sissil said...

Her er det fantastisk! Idag var det Copacabana:p Fantastisk, nytt blogg innlegg kommer snart. Takk for det!


Elisabeth said...

ÅÅÅååå no e du i rio!!!!!!! Kos deg! :)

Sissil Egge said...

Takk for det!! :D:D Vi drar herfra i morgen.. Gleder meg!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sissil,,
good to see you found a nice place in Sao Paulo to stay! It looks like your enjoying the trip so far, even though I don't understand to much Norwegian.

Wishing you a nice journey,

Did not know you had so many Dutch friends :S.